Robert Knight and WBAI

· Robert Knight’s Open Letter to the Pacifica National Board
· Robbie Osman on WBAI’s Robert Knight and KPFA’s Miguel Molina
· Background on the Molina/Beacham incident

According to Knight, “Ayo Harrington, a local producer and management partisan, inexplicably pored through, inspected and thoroughly rearranged my desk, file cabinet, recordings and confidential reporter’s notes, as well as tampered with my production computer. Objects and materials are missing or misplaced… Ms. Harrington conducted her ‘fishing expedition’ despite the explicit instructions of one or more department heads that she cease and desist her unprecedented intrusion.”

Knight goes on. “During this exchange, the office was entered by local engineer Tony Ryan, who proceeded to say ‘Stop acting like a bitch, you bitch, or I’ll kick your ass… Come on, step outside and I’ll kick your ass… Do you know how many people I’ve kicked ass before this?'”

To date, station manager Don Rojas has taken no known disciplinary action against either Harrington or Ryan for what Knight calls a “black bag job.” This violation could compromise the safety of the people whose phone numbers and information were looked at. Stay tuned for further developments.