PETITION for Bill Mandel

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The return of Bill Mandel to KPFA in June after a ten year banishment for violating the infamous gag rule, has brought back his careful cutting-edge analysis and insight, which lies at the heart of KPFA’s mission.

Bill’s guests have included Larry Pinkney, a former Black Panther political prisoner; Shailja Patel, an African-Asian slam poet; Sharon Tennison, who has brought over 1,000 Americans to Russia to help build small businesses; a Chilean victim witness to Pinochet’s coup against Salvador Allende; and Pat Fahey, a teacher-astronaut, talking about the politics of space. His shows have also included insightful answers to listener call-ins such as an analysis of hopeful developments to avoid nuclear war, and Bill’s current views on socialism — all valuable commentary unavailable on other KPFA programs.

Bill has also provided unique insight about the relationship of the Patriot Act to the Cold War-era McCarran Act, rooted in his own experiences as a hostile witness before Sen. Joe McCarthy and HUAC. Bill informs us that in many ways the Patriot Act has merely plugged the holes in the McCarran Act. If the Patriot Act had been law when Bill testified before McCarthy in 1953, or in 1960 before HUAC in San Francisco, he could have been jailed for his testimony, as would anyone who even informed others that he was in jail.

One of Bill’s shows was an in-depth history of FEMA, one of the most powerful and secretive agencies in the country. FEMA can suspend laws, relocate people at will, and has a secret budget of billions of dollars, most of which is spent to maintain underground facilities for US officials at the highest levels of government.


Bill’s courage and knowledge of history as well as current events should be a shining example for political activists today.

We understand that the Program Council is considering canceling Bill’s show, which is only on the air twice a month, 30 minutes a show. This would be a travesty for the KPFA community, and for the community at large.

We call upon KPFA management to keep Bill Mandel on the air. The Bay Area, as well as KPFA, needs Bill’s show to be expanded, not abandoned.





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List updated December 5, 2005.

Steve & Mimi Adams
Stew Albert
Robert Allen
 (Black Studies Program, UC Berkeley)
Magi Amma
Daisy Anarchy
Steven Argue
Marilla Arguelles
Dan Bacher
Natylie Baldwin
Millie Barnet
Russell Bates
Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Peter Bickford
Steve Bingham
Gillian Blair
Dave Blake
Jeff Blankfort
(Co-Founder, Take Back KPFA)
Blase Bonpane (Director, Office of the Americas)
Jim Brightwolf
Richard Brinton
Dan Brook, Ph.D.
Tom Brown
Joe Bryak
Mary Bull
(Co-Director, Greenwood Earth Alliance)
Andy Caffrey (Climate Action NOW!, Earth First!, Humboldt Greens)
Clair Calhoon
Bill Carpenter
Connie Caruso
Stephen Caruso
Janis Cash
Alyse Ceirante
Jack Chernos
Soula Culver
Jim Curtis
Shashi Dalal
(Co-Chair, California Interfaith Alliance for Prison Reform)
Solidad Decosta
Carol Denney
Lloyd Dennis
Daniel DeRome
Maxine Doogan
(KPFA Labor Collective)
Jim Dorenkott
Richard Duffee
Jeannie Echenique
Ken Ellis
Daniel Ellsberg
(Author, Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam & the Pentagon Papers)
Bob English
Riva Enteen
(former Chair, KPFA Local Station Board)
Ken A. Epstein
Patrick Fahey
Norbert Farrell
Peter Farruggio
(KPFA Education Collective)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti (poet and author)
Jack Ford
Peter Franck
(former Pacifica President)
Robert Franklin
Paula Friedman
Phyllis Fullmer
Sister Bernie Galvin
(Religious Witness with Homeless People)
Ann Garrison
Jack Gerson
Maria Gilardin
(Co-Founder, Take Back KPFA)
Warren M. Gold, M.D.
Rose Goloboy
Joseph Grant
Hunter Gray
Ben Greenberg
(Dollars & Sense Collective)
Hali Hammer
Eileen Hansen
Norma J. F. Harrison
David L. Harvey
John Hayden
Barbara Hazard
Lee Heller
Aileen Clarke Hernandez
(California Women’s Agenda)
Linda Hewitt
Jack Heyman
(ILWU, Local 10)
Charlie Hinton
David L. Hoffman
Ruth Holbrook
(Past President, Sacramento Central Labor Council)
Nate Holdsworth
Len Holt
Wm Leslie Howard
Shiu Hung
John A. Imani
Hep Ingham
Ira Jacobowitz
Perrine Kelly
Lucy Kenmitzer
Rev. Edwin King
(Civil Rights vet)
Eric V. Kirk
Emine Kunter
Pierre Laboissiere
(Haiti Action Committee)
Jim Lafferty (Exec. Dir., LA National Lawyers Guild, & KPFK programmer)
Deb Lagutaris
Nancy Laleau
Leon Lefson
Alice Leuchtag
H. Richard Leuchtag, PhD
Alan Leon
Hank Levin
Lew Levinson
Jacques Levy
Sharat Lin
Robert B. Livingston
Michael Lyon
Alex Madonik
Bob Mandel
Dave Mandel
Ziba Marashi
Diane Marie
Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez
(Civil Rights Activist & Author)
George Maurer
Joe McBride
Jerry McGovern
Sheila Michaels
Douglas Minkler
David Moore
Dorinda Moreno
Sandi Morey
Denis Mosgofian
Lucille Moyer
Carlos Munoz, Jr.
(Ethnic Studies Prof. Emeritus, UC Berkeley)
Jonathan Nack
Dale Nesbitt
Mary Ni
David Nicol
Robert Norse
Marc Norton
Kenneth Nova
Kiilu Nyasha
Conrad Oho
Ivan Olsen
Ormond Otvos
Shailja Patel
Bob Patenaude
(Executive Director, Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library)
Jean Pauline
Richard Phelps
(Chair, KPFA Local Station Board)
Kathleen Piper
Larry Pinkney
(former Black Panther & political prisoner)
Georgiana Podulke
Arthur Pullman
Jack Radey
Lester Radke
Larry Romsted
Francesca Rosa
Janice Rothstein
Miriam Ruvinskis
(Peoples Bark News)
Tony Ryan
Rajen Sahai
Nathan Samson
Gerald Sanders
(former member, KPFA Local Station Board)
Philip Santos
Dcady Sarachild
Renee Saucedo
(former SF Supervisor candidate)
Dr. Shura Saul
Vicki Sawicki
Sureya  Sayadi
Carolyn Scarr
(Ecumenical Peace Institute)
Dr. Jeffrey Schevitz
Richard Schmorleitz
Tom Schreiner
Frank Scott
Arlene Scully
Andy Sekara
Margo Shafer
Vida Shahmat
(South Bay Mobilization)
John Sheridan
Larry Shoup
Maureen Smith
Michael Smith
Zoe Sodja
Peter D. Stanislaw
Doug Stevenson
Eddie Stinson
Roger Stoll
Jeff Strahl
Peter Straus
Jim Syfers
Sandy Thacker
Maria Luz Torre
Frank Trollman
Ted Trollman
Joyce Umamoto
Elliodoro Vallecillo
John Vance
(Peoples Bark News)
James E. Vann (Civil Rights Activist)
Carol Vesecky (Director, Biointensive for Russia)
Darlene Wallach
Dave Welsh
(Delegate, SF Labor Council)
Laura X
Steve Zeltzer
(KPFA Labor Collective)
Alice Zillah
Ami Beth Zins