Confidential Archives

CONFIDENTIAL #16December 7, 2005

CONFIDENTIAL #15December 2, 2005
KPFA Staff Members Boycott Program Council:
Lack of Quorum Prevents Vote on Bill Mandel.
Mandelistas Vow to Return for Next Program Council Meeting.

CONFIDENTIAL #14 – August 14, 2005
An Open Letter to AMBROSE LANE,
Interim Executive Director, Pacifica Network

CONFIDENTIAL #13 – August 7, 2005
The Pacifica network is hemmoraging money.

CONFIDENTIAL #12 – July 11, 2005
1. Lynne Stewart: soon to be sentenced — a call for letters to the judge.
2. The “extraordinary domestic rendition” of Leonard Peltier.
3. The disappearance of Gokal and Shiela Kapoor.
4. LA 8 case set for trial, 18 years after their arrest.

CONFIDENTIAL #11 – June 6, 2005
1. Bill Mandel returns to KPFA: Victory in decade-long campaign!
2. Violence at KPFA: the Local Station Board drops the ball.
3. Upcoming Pacifica National Board meeting in Berkeley.
4. Gray Panthers event:
“Watching Big Brother Watch Us: Immigrants and Citizens Alike”
5. Online exclusive for Struggle-and-Win:
“The USA Patriot Act: An Expanded Deja Vu,”
by Bruce Elison, an attorney who has represented Leonard Peltier for 30 years.
6. “Torture Sells: Suddenly, John Yoo is Everywhere.”

CONFIDENTIAL #10 May 10, 2005
1. KPFA Program Council votes to return Bill Mandel to the air.
2. Violent response to Program Council decision on Mandel.
3. Larry Pinkney, former Black Panther and Republic of New Africa leader,
writes about Mandel.
4. Democracy Now! time change stuck in limbo.
5. Trouble in Texas: KPFT downgrades public affairs programming.
6. Pacifica ED Dan Couglin resigns:
Committee of men to conduct search for his successor.
7. Larry Bensky’s slot filled with nearly-all male guests.
8. Next Local Station Board meeting: Saturday, May 21.

CONFIDENTIAL #9 March 27, 2005
· Pacifica Follies

1. KPFA Business Manager threatens Confidential with legal action.
2. Pacifica National Board: Who’s in charge?
· Follow the Money
  3. Pacifica ED refuses to abide by PNB resolutions on financial disclosure.
4. Carlin Fund pulls grants.
· Bring Bill Mandel Back to KPFA
  5. Jeffrey Blankfort takes on General Manager Roy Campanella II.
6. New video of March 7 delegation.
7. East Bay Express: “Where, Where the Hell is Bill?”
· More Pacifica News
  8. Popular WBAI programmer, Robert Knight, suspended.
9. And, for comic relief: Mark Hernandez appointed KPFA parliamentarian.

CONFIDENTIAL #8March 20, 2005
Rally at Senator Dianne Feinstein’s home.
· Anti-immigrant provisions of the Real ID Act.
· Real ID Act sets up national electronic identification system.
· More information onthe Real ID Act.

CONFIDENTIAL #7 – March 12, 2005
Report on March 7 delegation to demand
that Bill be returned to the KPFA airwaves.

CONFIDENTIAL #6 – March 3, 2005
· The War on Freedom
  1. Grandmothers of Henoko vs. US military.
2. International Women’s Day March vs. US military.
3. Youth vs. US military.
4. Rumsfeld strong-arms German investigation of US war crimes.
5. John Yoo, Bush administration torture defender, wimps out.
6. New York City officials subpoena names from the National Lawyers Guild.
· Free Speech Radio
  7. Join us: delegation to deliver petition to return Bill Mandel to KPFA’s airwaves.
8. Democracy Now! time change delayed yet again?
9. Stealth KPFA Local Station Board Radio Hour.
10. Churches gobble up micro-radio frequencies.


CONFIDENTIAL #5 – February 17, 2005
· The War on Freedom

1. New York Times vs. Lynne Stewart.
2. US military vs. dead journalists.
3. SF Bay Area Muslim activist Samina Faheem Sundas threatened.
· Free Speech Radio
  4.  KPFA’s “Rip-and-Read” News Department.
· Events
  5. International Women’s Day.
6. Stop military recruitment in San Francisco schools.
7. Tell Nancy Pelosi no money for war.
8. Election Rigging 101: a National Teach-In on the 2004 election.

CONFIDENTIAL #4 – February 6, 2005
· The Struggle for Free Speech Radio
  1. Two opportunities to express your opinions, both on Monday, February 7.
2. Who makes programming decisions at KPFA?
3. Robbie Osman on the attack on WBAI’s Robert Knight.
· The War on Freedom
  4. Lynne Stewart verdict expected any day.
5. Alberto Gonzales’ testimony adds him to German War Crimes complaint.
6. What did Michael Chertoff know, and when did he know it?
7. Freedom of Information Act request to cost $373,000?
8. Kerry and 20 other Democratic Senators call for more troops.
· Events
  9. Commemorate Haiti coup one year later.
10. Stop military recruitment in San Francisco schools.

CONFIDENTIAL #3January 30, 2005
· The War on Freedom
1. Seattle students chase Army recruiters off campus.
2. Army recruiters turn high school into lunchtime shooting range.
3. Rumsfeld to Germany:  Quash the torture complaint or I’m not coming.
4. Washington DC pays for illegal mass arrests at World Bank and IMF protests.
5. Stop the sale of Caterpillar bulldozers to Israel.
6. ChevronTexaco posts record profits.
· The Struggle for Free Speech Radio
  7. Issues around attack on Robert Knight still simmering.
8. Guns and Butter, safe for now?
9. Campaign to bring Bill Mandel back to the air.
10. Democracy Now! to be broadcast at 7am and 7pm?

CONFIDENTIAL #2January 24, 2005
1. House of Representatives passes “doomsday” plan.
2. Lifetime detention. No charges. No problem.
3. Condi Rice to Congress: Don’t tie the hands of the torturers.
4. Loophole in new torture memo.
5. Bill of Rights an “obstacle to national security?”
6. Frequent flyer miles for a trip from Guantánamo to Australia?
7. Torture and the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.
8. Policemen awarded $2.4 million in California beating case.
9. KPFA Peoples Radio event next Friday night.

CONFIDENTIAL #1January 17, 2005
  1. Results of recent Local Station Board elections.
2. Robert Knight attacked at WBAI, Pacifica’s station in New York.
3. Bonnie Faulkner’s JFK assassination special under attack.
4. Fishy hiring process for new Arts and “Public Affairs” Director.
5. Conflict hotline at KPFA?
6. “Follow the money.”