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From CONFIDENTIAL #11 — June 10, 2005:

“Bill Mandel is returning to the KPFA airwaves after a decade of exile. This victory is a testament to the persistent efforts of people who struggle and, eventually, win…

“This remarkable victory in bringing back a brilliant 88-year old Sovietologist, left historian, and critic of the current war on the people, follows a decade-long petition campaign, delegations to the station, pickets outside the station, a vote of the station’s Program Council, and chairs thrown at Mandel supporters by a staff member mad at the vote to return Mandel to the air.”


From CONFIDENTIAL #16 — December 7, 2005:


“On Tuesday evening, the Program Council voted 11-4 to dump Thinking Out Loud with Bill Mandel. They offered no explanation for this decision, nor even suggested what they intend to replace Bill’s show with…

Nine of the eleven Program Council members who voted to can Bill are staff members. Three of the four who voted to continue Bill’s program are listener representatives. If the Program Council wasn’t so packed with staff members, Bill would probably still have his show.

It appears that a number of staff members are intensely jealous of Bill’s popularity and cutting-edge politics. Indeed, even as the Program Council was voting to cut Bill’s show, 25 of Bill’s supporters were picketing in front of the station. This was the second picket line organized by Mandelistas in the last week. Both of these pickets have gone unreported by the KPFA evening news.