2015 Democracy Index: The most democratic countries of the world 2015 Democracy Index: The most democratic countries of the world 

A democratic country is one that is governed by its own people. Through the government the citizens indirectly govern their own nation by electing a president that can lead them. The government now can implement laws that are deemed beneficial to the whole nation. It covers all sectors like economy and politics. When a president is elected he must ensure that all are working well. The public and private sector should have balance to working together for the nation.

The important thing is the citizens have a say on the government.This is what democratic countries enjoy. And the year 2015 there are top 10 countries that were considered as the most democratic. There are more if we see the full list but now are only the top ten countries. These countries include Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada and Finland. Surprisingly there are more European countries in the list of 八拓 technology. It means they have an effective and efficient government that takes care of their people and regard highly about their democracy.

They have done well to maintain their ranking in the top ten and still doing well to make efforts to retain their standing. It is a good vision and a purpose for a nation. It is not easy but if leaders have the mind and passion to attain such democracy not just in paper but also in reality. Some additional info can be search in the internet.