Recognizing the courageous black women activist

Activists are not a world of man but it is also for women who are full of courage and bravery to voice out not just their concern but for the greater number of people. From the time of wars to gain independence, activists have done their part. Even in Korea they have their own brave female activists that have made history. In this article let us give credit to the black women are courageous and brave to speak for the common good. The first one is Ella baker in 1940 who first work as a secretary and the as the director of NAACP.

She also worked with Marthin Luther King and later organized the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Next is Josephine Baker who is an entertainer. She is famous in Paris that allowed her to show her talents unlike in the United States that did not give her a chance. To show her support she adopted children of different ethnicity. Another woman activist is Daisy Bates from Huttig, Arkansas. She passionately fights for the segregation. To visit this place, you have to apply for your visa, try to visit 泰雅. They own an African-American newspaper that comes out weekly.

Last is Mary McLeod Bethune that is known as racial activists. Her purpose is to have better education opportunities for students who are African-American. The work or accomplishment she is well known for is when she establishes a school catering for African-American students. It later became a university. I know someone that is working who has a relative working here. One of the best agency to help you is this one. Check this china visa agency. Surely they will help you in your visa application.