Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is one fruit of democracy planted in the minds of the people. There is one general in Korea who said that a leader should rule wisely and lives only for his people. In this case, voices of people has to be considered greatly. However, freedom of speech does not apply to all aspect in a country.

  • Freedom of speech occurs when people have something to say  to the government for the government’s sake. Even if people want to say something for personal sake, it is not accepted by the government.

  • Freedom of speech occurs when people talk of laws of the government. When people want to amend law, add law, abolish law, they can voice it out to the government itself . For as long as the government considers it, ratification comes in.
  • Freedom of speech is acknowledged when people want to invoke their right as humans. When their right as human beings are affected, they can always ask help from the government. The government shall do something for their people so that its people would live comfortably.

  • Freedom of speech is not applicable for religion and private companies. Religion has to stand on its own, solving their problems. Yet if a religion is persecuted by the citizens without any reason, they can report this to the government.

How is voices heard then?

Press, Media and Radio Stations are responsible in delivering people’s message to the government. May it be negative or positive comment to the officials, request of the people, rallying, all of these has to be delivered by these channels.