Remembering and honoring the independence patriots

Attaining one nation or one tribe independence is not an easy task. If we look in the history we can know of many patriots in their respective country fighting for independence. It did not take a short time but it was a long, uncertain, hard and harsh way to walk. It did not stop the patriots on their fight and even female patriots have arisen and join the good fight hoping for independence. A country needs its independence to function well as a nation who has their own laws, customs and tradition to practice.

We cannot experience what they have gone through but we can know what sufferings they had undergone and the sacrifices they make just to fight for independence. In many countries they have their own stories of their own patriots who did not leave their duty and loyalty to their nations. Even though they know that they will face death anytime they did not hesitate to continue on their mission. The media is an in important medium that can be used to widely proclaim the message of fight for independence.

Recently in Korea, they have remembered the independence patriots of Korea who patiently and valiantly stood the test of time and harsh environment just to gain independence. They have awarded medals to those who are still living patriots and remember those who died by a prayer offering flowers for them. One patriot is An Jung-geun who assassinated the prime minister of Japan. If interested, you can find out more  information in other articles or websites.