Victory by any means

A lot of struggles to go through in order to get victory. All people want a victory in life, may it be earthly or spiritual. It is necessary to obtain a victory with a clear conscience because this makes us leave this earth peacefully. Although we get victory but used unfair and unjust way, at the end of our life, we will not accept ourselves as victorious. In reality, we can not buy victory by cash. Unfortunately, there are many people using their money in order to obtain an unjust gain.

Many people have succeeded in their life by achieving what they are satisfied with. But there are also many who have risen up but fail to recognize their achievements. These people have their reasons fro these. Then what does it mean by victory by any means? This does not mean devise an unpleasant scheme and proceed with your own hands in order to get what you want. This is not victory in the eyes of people and is against your conscience.

On the other hand, doing every thing even risking your life is a good victory. If you want to achieve something and you put all your effort but still what you does not fall into your hand, that can still be considered as victory. Victory by any means is putting yourself together, risk your life if needed, even forsaking your life. If you get what you want, that’s pretty good. Just do not risk other’s life by any means in order to reach the pleasure you want.