Radio stations with the most listeners in the UK

Since the discovery of radio it has helped greatly as a medium of communication. There are different programs that cater to the different interests of people. It is not a boring one but very entertaining although you can only listen to the voice of the announcer or DJ. It has survived even the rise of television and internet. Though many people turn to online to satisfy their passion for music, radio is still the popular and most listened.

In different parts of the country there are many radio stations. In this article let us take some time to see the top eight radio station that was judged on the criteria of what is the station most people listened to. The number one on the list is BBC Radio 1 with 9.9 million listeners. Next is Heart that has 8.7 millions approximate numbers of listeners. Going for the third is Capital FM that garnered 8.7 million of listeners. Next is BBC Radio 5 live that have 5.5 million listeners.

Other radio stations still on the list and are good to have been mentioned here. Are you looking for a perfect marketing promotion of your business online? Learn how to engage your business in seo marketing strategy. A top and commonly used strategy by most business establishments for the growth and success of their business. One is Smooth radio station that has 5.5 million of listeners. Next is Classic FM that has 5.3 million numbers of listeners and KISS which has 5.3 million listeners. The last is Magic who has 3.4 million listeners. If you want to see another website you can view it now.