Introducing the Top 10 Newspapers in the World

Newspapers have existed centuries ago and served as a great information tool. It does not cover just one topic but it has different sections to give readers information they need. They even contain comics that give much entertainment to the readers who are also an avid fan. Newspapers can be produced daily, weekly or some monthly. There are local newspaper and national and international coverage. Even though the internet has arisen and it also has its own news websites but no one beats the feeling of reading it with your own eyes a physical newspaper.

Let us proceed to see the list of the top ten newspapers. The first one is the New York Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, China Daily, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Times of India and The Independent. Some or almost all of them have also where they put the news they have and also television shows where they aired the news they have gathered and have written see anchor Each of them have their own circle of readers that have stood with them trough times.

Newspapers are sometimes controlled and owned by a family and they can dictate what it should be written or not. There are times that they receive criticism. Newspapers full with news, advertisements and others are the fruit of journalists, cartoonists and others who have contributed to its publishment.